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Etizolam medicine is mainly used to sort out anxiety issue and this medicine is similar to the benzodiazepine class of medicines. It is majorly used in India and Japan for treating anxiety and insomnia but it is not licensed in the UK.


This tablet is used for the treatment conditions such as stress disorder, wakefulness, and stress. After taking this medicine, you will surely come back out all types of stress issues.


It helps people who have anxiety and discomfort.

It also helps in treating short term insomnia.

Side effects of Etizolam:

        Drowsiness: After taking this drug people often feel drowsiness and dizziness.

       Sleepiness: Long term use of this drug can cause sleepiness and dizziness all the time.

       Muscle weakness: As it targets the nervous system the coordination activity of our body gets affected and muscle weakness occurs.

       Vertigo: As it targets the nervous system the coordination activity of our body gets affected and can lead us to dangerous disease vertigo.

       Headache: Headache is also the most common side effect of this drug.

       Confusion: Due to dizziness people have a lot of confusion in taking decisions.

       Slurred speech: Due to this drug slurred speech is also observed among patients.

       Change in libido: Change in libido is also observed among patients who are taking this drug for a long time.

       Uncontrolled shaking of arms or legs is also observed among patients who are taking it for a very long time.

       Visual disturbances start to happen when a patient is continuously on this drug for a lifetime.

       Urinary retention/incontinence: This is a rare side effect but is observed among patients.

       Excessive salivation is one of the most common side effects of this drug.

       Memory problems: As this drug attacks the nervous system and memory problems often happen.

       If the patient is allergic to the drug than you should immediately stop using it and contact your doctor.


Missed Dose

           You should never miss the medicine. When remember then take the Etizolam tablet as soon as possible.


           You should report directly to the doctor in case of overdose.

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